Breaking the Stillness

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Breaking the Stillness

Jace Carlton’s latest book, Breaking the Stillness, is exquisite! I loved how raw and vulnerable his writing is, and he doesn’t hold back his emotions that may seem hard to translate on paper. I loved feeling the emotions and thoughts of what Jace was experiencing, and the internal struggles and the journey he takes the reader on. His style of writing gave me a small peek into Jace’s own wilderness journeys and life experiences!

Something else I loved about Breaking the Stillness was the section at the end of the book where Jace shares what inspired certain poems and songs he’s written. The reader gets to “peek behind the curtain”, to see where the inspiration comes from and how the magic happens.


Breaking the Stillness, is truly a gift. It transforms you toward the end to see the world a little bit brighter, that even on the hard days things will work out and experience can be a hard teacher. However, the experiences we have will transform us into who we are meant to become.


Breaking the Stillness is truly a wonderful journey!

Laurel Christiansen

It’s clear to me that Breaking the Stillness was written with warmth and love. SO many of my long forgotten memories, both wonderful and even the not so wonderful, came flooding back so gloriously as I read these pages! It made me wonder how he could have known and written so perfectly about them!

I'm sure you'll find memories of your own come to life, and if you didn't have the words to express what was in your heart then, you certainly will now!

Jace's poems and songs tell our stories, from the pain and sadness of heartbreak and loss to the pure joy of true love and every stop in between.

Take the journey and rediscover the power of love!

Debra Hunter Miller

Breaking the Stillness is a sweet sampling of writings which will both satisfy and leave the reader craving more. It is a unique keyhole look into a young man’s quest for love, companionship, and understanding.

As a songwriter, I particularly enjoyed reading the story behind many of Jace’s poems and songs. It fascinates me to see where other writer’s inspiration comes from and helps me to strengthen my own awareness of what and who is around me, either now or in my memories.

Carmen Bennett

Breaking the Stillness is a masterpiece, and I am forever thankful for having read it. Jace’s mastery of the art in telling life and loving has pulled long lost memories from my youth. Many brought some knowing chuckles, and yes, even a few tears.


I can see a lot of the influence of Rod McKuen in Breaking the Stillness. Many, many thanks to Jace for his willingness to be so vulnerable. It helps those of us who find it too difficult to express what’s in our own hearts.

Bruce Sexton

Wow! Wow! Breaking the Stillness is a winner! Jace has taken me back to a place of remembrance, and has allowed me to see how much I have grown from what I experienced. He is an amazing writer who leaves you holding on to your seat and to keep reading to the finish!


A fan forever!

Cindy Blake


The Reunion

The Reunion is simply exquisite! Masterful storytelling!

Terrie Dailey Morgan

Jace’s writing is very riveting, suspenseful, had anticipation, drama, light-heartedness, and tenderness with sadness and tragedy. I found myself trying to put myself into each of these characters and their situations. He brought out all of my emotions – I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I giggled, and I dreamed! I was on the edge of my seat and glued to the words as the hours sailed by way too quickly!

Rica Van Katwyk

The Reunion has such detailed emotion, it felt like this was a true story! Jace captured such heartfelt feelings of true love for someone and showed how people can truly care for someone else. It’s that once in a lifetime love that escapes most people. The Reunion is so well written it would be very easy to turn it into a movie. Hallmark Channel look out!

Yvette Rammel

First, I want to say thanks for making me cry! With everything going on in The Reunion I couldn’t put it down, which is why I stayed up late most nights.


My favorite part was how Jace wrote their feelings, they were dead on and I felt like I was in the book! The innocence that Marc and Jenny both have toward each other is heartwarming. I’ve had the exact feelings in my life. It’s easy to understand and forgive someone you truly love.

McKensie Ocana



Jace Carlton has had a diverse career as a freelance writer & photographer, award-winning poet, web designer, author, an Adult Contemporary radio DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area, and twelve years as a popular and award-winning play-by-play football announcer. He also spent many years as a songwriter, including eight years in Nashville, TN. He wrote predominantly for the Country genre, but also enjoyed occasionally writing for A/C, Pop, R&B, and Smooth Jazz. While in Nashville he also had his own music publishing and artist management company. As a freelance writer he has contributed reviews on new music and singer/songwriters to online publications, and regularly contributed book and concert reviews, along with personal commentary on the music industry, to Nashville's Songwriter's Connection e-Zine. He now devotes his time to writing fictional romance novels.

Jace is also the creator of and its companion motivational / inspirational e-mail messages that have been read by tens of thousands of people all over the world. He is currently writing a new series of books based on the Change Your Stars! theme.


Breaking the Stillness is a compilation of Jace’s first three books of poetry Sounds of Darkness, Rainwater Tapestry (unpublished), and Breaking the Stillness (unpublished), along with several he wrote over the next few years. A few of his favorite lyrics written during his Nashville years are also included.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jace and his wife, Kathi, spent many years in the Nashville and Memphis, TN areas, and now call Eagle Mountain, UT home.


Other books written by Jace include his first romance novel, The Reunion. His next novel, a romantic thriller titled At First Glance, will be published in 2021.


For any media inquiries, please contact Jace Carlton at

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