The Reunion - Paperback - Autographed

Marc Janssen and Jenny Kincaid met as high school seniors and fell deeply in love. Jenny was more than talented, intelligent and beautiful, she was the girl of Marc's dreams in every way.

Ambitious and talented, Marc seemed to have it all – a promising future doing what he’d always loved, and the promise of his high school sweetheart by his side. He chose to go away for college, while Jenny decided to stay close to home. Phone calls and letters kept them close for a while, but when Marc received Jenny’s Dear John letter it nearly destroyed him. An unknown truth would later nearly destroy her.


Invitations to their 25th high school reunion had been sent out, but would either Marc or Jenny attend? What would they do, or be able to say to each other, after so long? He had worked so hard to rebuild his life after losing her – would just the sight of her again make it all crumble? The pain and aching in his heart for the one who was supposed to be his forever was just too great. Besides, he knew if Jenny was there, her husband, Scott, would be with her. He decided to make other plans.


Until the night he received a call from an old friend ... the one who had started it all.

The Reunion - Paperback - Autographed

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